Final KP Project —- The Why, How and What

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The Blog is up an running again, this time in English, to keep English readers updated as well. This time I’ll write about my third and last Year at the KaosPilot’s..
The KaosPilot 3rd Year has been changed from a a year split up into an Internship and a Final Project, to a ALL-IN project year, Which basically means that I have 6 months off from school to kick some ass with a Project which I have complete decision power around, and then in April it’s back to school for report writing and exam.
I have gone through a lot of thinking trying to get to a point where I have a project that is both intriguing and challenging at the same time, and which I hope can provide me with a job when I’m done, because those 3 things are very good pointers at what I want to get out of this last year at the School.
I started out with a very fragmented idea, or more so, it was just a lot of Ideas that I wanted to do, never was good at keeping the focus for a long time so thought why bother, but the more I got into the planning and the more I shared my thoughts the more I could see that in the end, what I really had to learn as a last thing at the school is to keep focus, to fight for something for a long time.
I’ve chosen to take myself up on an old idea which I came up with approx. 3 years ago, when I applied for the KaosPilots, but didn’t get in though, third time was the charm in my case. The Idea came from the question try and create your dream project, my dream at that point was very much to create something that made people come closer together, I had been very inspired by a church initiative where two people of the same gender commit to create an alliance where they have the right to speak into each others life also when it’s not pleasant, to create a interdependent and accountable relationship. I looked at it and thought that this is something that everyone needs be able to access, because in my opinion and experience relationships are what we use to define ourselves and therefore we need to take it serious, not as in no fun, but as in we need to put an effort into it.
I started looking into the mechanics of a trustful conversation and after talking to a friend who studied psychology I realized that the core necessity for trust is safety, the simple things such as who’s behind you, do you know the location your at, what music is playing etc.  So what I came up to start with was a folder that could be brought to cafés and to the home, but I soon realized that to create a space that facilitates a meaningful conversation you need to have safe frame, which you then can break with topics that can spur such a dialogue. This is where the game Idea came in, the core principle of games is that you create a risk free environment where you can test out challenges, so I started playing with it and from that I created SNAK (danish for TALK), the concept is really simple, it’s an ordinary deck of cards, where there’s words on some of the cards, and when a word come into play on a card you pause the game and the person who threw the Word-Card now has to tell something that relates to the word, and the only rule is that the others are only allowed to ask into the persons story, and must not interrupt the person.
I’ve tested it out on my own friends but have also had people I don’t know to try it and review it, and it has been some really powerful experiences, especially ones where I gave it to two 19 year old girls, who in the review wrote that through the game realized that one of them had a eating disorder, and that the other girl had agreed to support her in getting some help. This was when I realized that I have something really powerful going on.
The Cards are now being designed by Matias Falk from IDOART Agency, who’s doing an amazing job, who’s also creating the website and a promotional movie. I have made a printing deal with a local printing factory where the cards are going to be printed on environment friendly paper, also I have deal with GAMES, a board-game shop located in three cities in Denmark. I now have company with CVR# and everything, Lastly I have created a CrowdFund possibility for people who already now know that they want the game, here you can support the development of the game by ordering it before it’s out, hence providing money for the production. The game is set for a release November 16th.
It’s a very intriguing project, the more I get going with it, the more I can see how all my passions are coming to life through the Project, and the dream is to within the next half year create two more products that can support meaningful conversations and relationships.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to all who took the my Survey, it was very helpful, I hope that you will consider supporting the development through crowdfunding on Boomarang.

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