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Everything Is Alive, Everything is Breathing!
Nothing is Dead, Nothing is Bleeding!

– The Chariot

I’m of the ground, and the plane “SNAK” is flying, it’s been an incredible journey so far, it’s amazing that it’s a travel that actually started so many years ago, 3,5 years to be precise.
I started the big marketing campaign last Wednesday, launching a movie(SNAK – Presentation movie) a Website,  Blog Post and taking another hit at getting crowfunded through Booomerang.
I felt kind of naked when all that was out there, especially the Blog post, because it was in a media far beyond my own network, one thing is to show your stuff to you own network, but it’s another completely to throw parts of your life story and your passion out in front of a lot of people you’ll never know who are..
It would have been harder to cope with though, if not so many people were helping out, the project has gone from my little Idea, to becoming crowdfunded and because of a loving network  also crowdsourced, it’s incredible and instead becoming naggingly proud I have become very humbled by all the help I’ve received.
It’s quite a process to get all the dot’s connected, and I’ve felt a bit behind schedule so far, but I it feels like it will all work out. I feel all the energy that others put into it, since the launch and all the positive response that has been given.
I’ve been working a lot, at least more than I actually usually want to, I guess it’s the drive that I feel right now, and I’m just thriving in the motivation, hopefully it won’t push me to jump of the train to early, it’s always seems like the trick in these kind of projects where you are in it with your whole body and mind, either you make it to the balance point or you jump of prematurely. Then again, it’s good that I have so many people supporting me, that defiantly makes me less scared in all this.
Cool Facts and a Status for the Project:

  • Changed the amount of Games from a 1000 to 2000
  • Game rules are done
  • Visual Design – almost done
  • Game in production on October 29th
  • Game release: November 16th
  • Having an Intern for 4 weeks from October 30th
  • All kinds of Media’s has received press release
  • Much more…

Things are moving!!!

Thanks once again to everyone who’s supporting, be it funding, Facebook shares, good advice, testing and just everyone else who in some way are contributing, it means the world to me 🙂

Here’s just a few of the lovely people helping out:

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