Bloggen På min blog deler jeg mine klummer fra Stiften. Hver gang jeg skriver en klumme, er det med udgangspunkt i noget jeg selv oplever udfordrende, som jeg har lyst til at udfordre dig som læser det. Jeg tager store temaer op, som jeg forsøger at få helt ned på jorden.

Learnings From A Painful Year

1 Year A year has passed now since the tradegy in Mandal, Norway where I and a lot others lost 4 friends and gained a new perspective on life. I started this blog last year with a post about this...

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Memories like a fire breaking death apart

Most people who see me every now and then probably know that I 3 weeks ago lost 4 Friends in a terrible Drowning accident in Norway. Two of these guys were from my band “Arms Ablaze”, and...

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